Wednesday, November 25

Well I have hit the big 40, and it feels fine, no feeling old or maudlin which was good, as I thought after this year's events yesterday may have been a bit of a challenge but it really wasn't.
I received a tonne of lovely gifts and lots of beautiful and a few rude cards:)

I decided I really didn't want a party or trip for my birthday so asked hubby for a new camera, which I received yesterday (quite a shock as I thought I wouldn't receive it until nearer Christmas)
I have been having a play with it today and I love it, so much better than my old Canon, but saying that the Canon was a good introduction to the world of SLR camera's.
I also received a Tiffany charm for my birthday, a CD box set of "House" smellies, vouchers and money which were all really appreciated, and bless my DD she bought me a book out of her own pocket money:)

Off to Wyverstone crop on Saturday for our Christmas Lunch, lots of friends new and old so not doubt will have a great time....